One of the top priorities at our high school is the goal for every student to have a 4-year plan in mind to guide them towards their next step into adulthood when they graduate from our school. Whether you want to go to a community college for transfer credit or career training, enter directly into a four year college to pursue a degree, go into military or the workforce, this Course Description and Career Planning Handbook will help provide a road map for you to follow towards obtaining your goals. The classes you choose each year, as well as the grades you earn and activities you stay involved in, will help you in your pursuits of success during your four years here at THS!

Please see your School Counselor if you have any questions or need information about what you want to do in high school and where you are headed after graduation. We are always here to help you with your life goals and we welcome student and parent questions any time.

Have a great school year and a terrific high school experience!